What is EHAA?

About Us

EHAA – The European Handball Agents Association is a non-profit organization with a membership base consisting of approved members.

Our approach

As a professional representative body, EHAA operates on express mandates from its members. This ensures a democratic governance structure that accounts directly to EHAA’s constituents, who are ultimately the agents themselves. For the first time in the EU, EHAA has emerged as a guardian of the agents’ profession and gives agents a voice in the regulation, development and image of their own profession. Our primary tasks are to:

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Our mission

EHAA has emerged as the leading body to represent the interests of handball agents in the professional handball sport. This role is further accentuated by our primary objectives:

  • Defend the collective interests of agents
  • Cooperate with official handball instances on future regulation of handball agents’ work
  • Implement a « Code of good practices » to all members
  • Support members’ positioning in front of professional handball stakeholders
  • Promote the commercial image of handball agents


Sports agents act, first and foremost, as intermediaries  between sports people and sport clubs with intention to employ or hire an athlete or sports person. They bring together the parties interested in concluding an agreement concerning the practice of a sport as a remunerated  activity. The EHAA was created by leading handball agents in Europe in October 2020. We aim to increase the number of members of EHAA and include all serious handball agents operating in Europe.


EHAA aims to promote the professionalization of handball and to protect interests of handball agents. In order with that EHAA build a private online data base where agents adhered to the Code of good practices will update the information about themselves as well as about their clients. Clubs, federations and other partners could consult that database on thier request with the individual login.


One of the main objectives of EHAA is to increase transparency in Handball by implementing ethical rules for members of EHAA and help national federations, clubs and players to have a better overview of the transfer market and contract making.


EHAA aims to cooperate with International Handball Federation, European Handball Federation, Forum Club Handball, players and coaches unions on a new transparent regulation in order to build together a more open, competitive and transparent market.

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